Optimized Method for Curcumin Separation from Turmeric Oleoresin

Document Type: Research Article


Chemical engineering department, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, I.R. Iran


In this work, a novel and modified method for the solvent purification of Curcumin is presented, a composite of normal hexane & 2-propanol solvents was used to separate the fat content and other impurities. The process was modelled considering the response surface methodology as described by central composite design. The adjusted R-squared was 0.9443 indicating the variation between the regressors (solvent composition, solvent-to-oleoresin ratio, and temperature) in relation to the selected responses (product purity and process yield) were well described by the constructed model. Optimum conditions were 90% w/w 2-propanol in solvent, 1.5 solvent-to-oleoresin weight ratio and 5°C temperature with predicted 95.94% purity and 35.77% yield, F values were significant for both models. Therefore, development of high purity products is achievable with this novel method with economic advantages.


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