Synthesis of some polyol esters and diesters catalyzed with SnO2 and nano-SnO2

Document Type: Research Article


1 Urmia University

2 Department of Nanochemistry, Nanotechnology Research Centre, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran


Esterification reaction of some polyols and diols were investigated in the presence of SnO2 and nano-SnO2 and the results were compared with catalyst-free conditions. High conversions were obtained in most of the cases in the presence of SnO2 and nano-SnO2 which shows the high catalytic activity of SnO2 and especially nano-SnO2 for the esterification reaction. Low cost of the catalysts compared to alkyl tins, high safety compared to protic acids such as sulfuric acid and high chemical and thermal stability of the catalysts make the reactions interesting for the large-scale production of various polyol esters. Due to the important role of the polyol esters in various industries especially in lubricant industry, the introduced approach can be interesting.


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