Determination of β-Caroten, α-Tocopherol, Fatty Acids, Minerals, and Some Pomological Properties of Walnut Genotypes Selected in the Aras Valley (Eastern Turkey)

Document Type: Research Article


1 Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Igdir University, 76000, Turkey

2 Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture,Igdir University,76000,Turkey

3 Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Dicle University,21280, Turkey


β-caroten, α-tocopherol, fatty acids, minerals, and some pomological properties of walnut genotypes in four different locations (Iğdır, Tuzluca, Karakoyunlu, Kağızman) in the Aras Valley (Eastern Turkey) were examined. Differences among the genotypes, in terms of some fruit characteristics, oil and protein contents, fatty acid composition, selenium content, α-tocopherol content, β-carotene content and some macro- and micro- element contents were investigated in the study. In the genotypes, the values of nut weight, kernel weight, kernel ratio, and shell thickness were found to be 8.89-16.22 g, 4.72-9.64 g, 36.74-59.59% and 1.04-3.60 mm, respectively. Fat and moisture contents of the selected genotypes ranged between 59.18-68.12% and between 10.49-23.31%, respectively. The most common fatty acids in the examined genotypes were linoleic acid (58.15-64.07%), oleic acid (12.93-17.49%), linolenic acid (9.37-13.61%), palmitic acid (5.60-8.62%) and stearic acid (4.68-6.69%), respectively. On the other hand, the other fatty acids were detected in trace amounts. In the genotypes, the amount of α-tocopherol was 8.75-35.11 mg /kg, the amount of β-carotene was 0.03-0.12 mg /kg, and the amount of selenium was 15.89-68.19 ng /g. In the genotypes, 1.09-2.47% N, 230.36-451.48 mg P, 350.74-666.20 mg K, 2.30-3.86 mg Cu, 1.71-3.91 mg Zn, 7.16-18.82 mg Fe, 144.0-452.08 mg Ca, 110.25-342.44 mg Mg, 1.73-9.67 mg Mn and 7.11-25.51 mg Na were found. According to the results obtained, it was determined that the nutritional values of walnut genotypes selected from the Aras Valley (Eastern Turkey) were high as hopeful.


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