Preparation and Characterization of Ni(II), Co (II) and Cr(III) Complexes with Benzoylamethylenetriphenylphosphine

Document Type: Research Note


Department of Chemistry, Teacher Training University, Zip code 15614, Tehran, I.R. IRAN


The reaction between Ni(II), Co(II), cr(III) bitrates, Ni(II) chloride and ambidentate a-keto ylide benzoylmethylenetriphenylphosphine (BPPY) resulted in isolation of [Ni(BPPY)2](NO3)2.2H2O, [Ni(BPPY)2]Cl2, [Co(BPPY)2](NO3)2 and [Cr(BPPY)3](NO3)3; 2H2O. The compounds were characterized by elemental analyses and infrared 1HNMR spectroscopy, molar conductivity in solution and molecular weight measurements.


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