Keywords = Cyclic voltammetry
Number of Articles: 11
1. Electrocatalytic Oxidation Study of Theophylline on a Copper Nanoparticles-Modified, Carbon Paste Electrode Based on Cyclic Voltammetry

Volume 39, Issue 4, July and August 2020, Pages 99-112


Fateme Ghaemi-Amiri; Hossein Aghaie; Masoud Giahi; Majid Mozaffari

2. Study on Electrochemical Oxidation of m-Nitrophenol on Various Electrodes Using Cyclic Voltammetry

Volume 37, Issue 5, September and October 2018, Pages 129-140


Xiaoyue Duan; Feng Xu; Yinan Wang; Limin Chang

3. Synthesis, Characterization, DNA Binding and Nuclease Activity of Cobalt(II) Complexes of Isonicotinoyl Hydrazones

Volume 37, Issue 4, July and August 2018, Pages 63-74


Akkili Suselamma; karredduala Raja; Katreddi Hussain Reddy

4. Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Nanoporous Composite Based on Elemental Sulfur and Graphitic Mesoporous Carbon

Volume 35, Issue 4, November and December 2016, Pages 1-9


Narmin Bahrami Adeh; Nourali Mohammadi; Fatemeh Khorramjah

5. Electrochemical Investigation of Antibacterial Laser Dye Compound in 1,2-Dichloroethane at a Platinum Electrode

Volume 31, Issue 3, September and October 2012, Pages 9-18


Ibrahim Shibl El-Hallag; Elsayed Hassan El-Mossalamy; Abdullah Mohamed Asiri

6. The Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Studies of trans-[LCo((DO)(DOH)pn)L'] Complexes

Volume 21, Issue 1, July and August 2002, Pages 21-27


Ali Reza Rezvani; Hassan Hadadzadeh

7. Electrochemical Investigation of Mo(VI)-MTB-ClO-3 System in Phosphate Buffer

Volume 20, Issue 2, November and December 2001, Pages 96-101


Afsaneh Safavi; Esmaeil Shams

8. Electrochemical Study of Iodide in the Presence of 2-Thiobarbituric Acid-Catalytic Determination of 2-Thiobarbituric Acid

Volume 20, Issue 2, November and December 2001, Pages 90-95


Davood Nematollahi; Javad Rahimi; Mehdi Hesari; Ali Hamzehloei

9. A Cyclic Voltammetric Study of the Aqueous Electrochemistry of Some Anthraquinone Derivatives on Carbon Paste Electrode

Volume 20, Issue 2, November and December 2001, Pages 75-81


Reza Ojani; Jahanbakhsh Raoof; Manochehr Ebranimi

10. Electrochemical Behaviour of Nifedipine and Nitrendipine in Chloroform and Chloroform-Isopropanol Mixture

Volume 17, Issue 1, May and June 1998, Pages 21-28


S. Mehdi Golabi; Massoud Fazli; Yousef Rastegar Mirzaei

11. The Direct Electrochemical Investigation of Redox Enzymes

Volume 13, Issue 1, May and June 1994, Pages 43-58


M.D.(Davood) Nabi Rahni; H.Allen O. Hill